I am in my last semester at the University of Virginia, majoring in English and minoring in Media Studies. English was a naturally obvious choice; my dream job for the better part of my childhood was to be a librarian, and although my career goals have changed somewhat since my youth, I still find that happiness is easily found in a good book. A Media Studies minor has enabled me to add a very practical element to my study of English—given the changing landscapes of authorship and publishing, Media Studies has given me a dimension of understanding of how material is viewed, consumed, and shared, and has given me a practical, modern-day frame for working with literature.

As the first person in my family to go to college, I have not taken any opportunity for granted. A series of excellent professors have assisted in improving my comprehension of what I read, which in turn has improved my own writing. Tools such as InDesign, Photoshop, and Sigil allow me to turn that writing into a polished final product, and learning about traditional and digital marketing enables me to know how to advertise and sell what I have written. These skills have been invaluable not only in my academic life, but in establishing a basis for professional work, as well, and this is how I hope to use them—to use the knowledge I have to do what I am passionate about.

On my site, you can find my professional profile, work that I’ve done in the past, and blog posts about whatever strikes my fancy every other Thursday – mostly literature and music. For a more loosely curated look at my interests and likes, check out my Tumblr. For shorter musings on life – occasionally interspersed with some really terrible puns – follow me on Twitter.